Tenoorja Musubi exists to develop profitable mutually beneficial relationships with artists, tech developers, and authors. Tenoorja Musubi exists to facilitate decentralized solutions for information sharing/publishing and to facilitate decentralized solutions to problems in living. Tenoorja Musubi is a project/organization initiated by Michael Ten. Tenoorja Musubi is for anyone who has an earnest preference for inner and outer peace, limitless peace, perfect happiness, infinite patience, and infinite serenity. Tenoorja Musubi is a distinct entity. There are various affiliate projects since defeating aging is important, longevity escape velocity is important, solving problems in living is important, abundance is important, basic income is important, ethics in psychiatry is important. Tenoorja Musubi is a manifestation of Tenqido.
Michael Ten is the Director of Tenoorja Musubi. Projects from Tenoorja Musubi are as follows. Some of these are endeavors and information/research platforms/projects.
Tenoorja Musubi shares information related to solving problems in living.

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Tenoorja Musubi

Problems In Living

In our rapidly evolving world, “problems in living” have become a ubiquitous concern. These problems, which diverge from traditional pathological views of mental illness, encompass a broad spectrum of life’s…

Tenoorja Musubi

The advent of decentralization is revolutionizing numerous sectors, and the worlds of art and literature are no exception. Visionary enterprises aim to cultivate beneficial partnerships with artists and authors, propelling…